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The Grand Plan

The Grand Plan My project starting fall of 2020 will be converting a classic 100 year old wooden motorboat from a diesel powered engine to electric power. I've been considering a project like this for a while, and the Coronavirus winter of 2020 seems like a good time to start. I'm Swedish but writing this blog in English, in the hope that it will be helpful to a wider audience than if I wrote in Swedish (forgive me, Swedes!). But some links will point to Swedish web pages (forgive me, non-Swedes!). Feasibility Boats use more power than cars, because of the need to push a lot of heavy water aside to move. My first step was to investigate if a reasonable combination of speed, range and cost could be achieved. Use Case Twenty years ago, two friends and I owned a boat called Koggen , a wooden motorboat with inboard engine. We used her for both longer trips in the Stockholm archipelago and for shorter 'picnic' tours around the city. The goal of this project is to have a boat